Granada- The City of Secrets

"Nothing in life can be more cruel than to be blind in Granada" - I think it was Francisco Icaza who said this, although I know many quote this as a motto from the Alhambra Palace itself. Granada is the dream city for many travellers to Andalucia and for good reasons. It has the magic [...]

Medieval culinary Journey to Andalus

Andalus, the land that has many intricate stories about coexistence, identity and politics. It is also one of the richest lands where food culture flourished, a subject I feel particularly passionate about. Medieval collections of recipes followed the social and economic progress of the land and when we talk about food in Andalus, we need [...]

Convivencia- life on the street

One of the most debate issue about Al-Andalus is the question of convivencia, co-existence and living together. Some academic circles promote the flourishing of a diversified society where people’s religion and spiritual or wordly matters co-existed. Others share the view that it was just a utopia that could never materialize. Me, as a writer when [...]

Ibn Firnas, the first up in the sky

...extract from the Andalus series... He was walking to Jebel Al ‘Arous. These mountains behind his city stood resilient, hosting silver leafed olive trees, now dusty and tired-looking. The summer air and the vast blue sky made this spot one of his favourite places since he has moved to Cordoba when he was only seven [...]

Islam in Malta

I have come to Malta with high expectations for culture but I found nature the only tempting feature of this rock hard place. While Malta tries to show its cultural heritage, there is little here to study apart from the obvious. Muslims ruled here over 200 years, 870 until 1097 but there is very little [...]