Spiritual Intelligence Series

I have been on the road of seeking for more than two decades. Never stop, never hurry- they say and life has shown me that there is intelligence and there is INTELLIGENCE. Life is funny and hard; it is demanding and a flow at times but with more INTELLIGENCE the navigation becomes more real.

All human run on patterns they have either learnt or have been conditioned to live by. You do not have to follow any religion or be patterned by your parent culture; anyone who is serious about their life’s journey would tell you that.

The central question in our life is this: Who is driving it? Is it your ego that I hustling you and drives your emotional reactions or is it your calm, centred, spirited self that makes you go after what you love?

In this series I am going to explore with you the wonderful secrets of Spiritual intelligence we all love to know and live by.

We will discover:

What is spiritual intelligence and why it is central in our life’s journey?

What is the difference between EGO and SPIRIT?

How can you be aligned in the vertical and the horizontal so that  your life can take care of itself?

What practical steps you can take to bring more spiritual intelligence into your life?

What are the habits of Spiritually intelligent people?

…and more.