Hans Christian Andersen wrote: “Homesickness is a feeling many know and suffer from; on the other hand feel a pain far less known, and its name “out-sickness”. When the snow melts, te stork arrives and the first steamships race off, then I feel this painful travel unrest”.

I took my first flight at the age of 21. Until then I only travelled by coach or train to countries neighbouring my own. The longest journey I took was at the age of 17 bussing it to Greece from Hungary. I swore I would never do it again.

My travels have changed over time. Now I want to be in Andalucia for the almond blossom season. I want to roam in the mountains at spring, high up in the fresh air with my head stuck in the clouds. I dream of my swim in the South China Sea before sunset in September 2002. I crave the cozy cafes in Copenhagen in November.

My mind is in the world mostly in spring and autumn. Summers and winters are stable for me, homes are lovely and the British summer satisfies me. But come spring and autumn, I become reckless, yearning to inhabit another village or discover a country I have not seen. But I do not collect places any more. No country stamp in my passport changes me as much as sipping coffee with locals in a Berber village or walking in the desert of Siwa, Western Egypt. These are my places where my soul escapes from its reality and lives its magic of peace.

When our Soul calls and we must respond. I only have one rule- never to go to the same place twice. To each place that calls me I respond with an adventure. Here you can read my SoulScapes: