What others say about my work

” I have just completed 6 sessions of life coaching with Henrietta. Her insightful, analytical and inquisitive approach cut through to the core reasons behind my negative behaviours, challenging me to self reflect and start to rethink old default behaviours. Her love for coaching really shines through, she connected with me on a very human level genuinely caring for my success in life. I really appreciated her deep knowledge of how the left and right brains work and interact, which empowered me to understand why I behave the way I do, and how to take back control to get the results I want. Thank you Henrietta! (Miriam Al- Kashi)


“Having recently undertaken the 8 week coaching development programme with Henrietta I can honestly say that it has provided me with deep insights into myself as an individual and a Coach.

The sessions provided me with opportunities to reflect on my own coaching practise and style through a balance of theory and practical elements.  Henrietta encouraged me to test out new concepts while supporting my development through her encouragement and knowledge sharing. The sessions have supported my development as a coach and allowed me to become more effective in my coaching practise. I have widen my toolkit and gained my own inner peace and understanding.

Thank you Henrietta for all your support and pushing me out of my comfort zone as this is where we truly learn and grow! I have learnt things that will support not only my coaching practise but my own wellbeing.” (Katherine Chowdry )

“Working with Henrietta has been an incredible journey of discovery and understanding. From self-awareness to purpose to confidence, and much more besides, so many aspects of my life have come into sharper focus thanks to Henrietta’s guidance, which has been the perfect mix of insightful, challenging,humorous and compassionate. I didn’t know what exactly I wanted from my sessions with Henrietta, nor what I needed, but step by step she helped draw out the key threads to help me develop and grow both personally and professionally. I’m now ready to start the next chapter of my life with clarity, confidence and a lot of excitement.” (Neil King, 2019)  


“I was very skeptical approaching this initiative, as I’m not generally enthusiastic about counselling/coaching unless there’s a compelling reason but after the first session I found myself looking forward to the next. The coach gave me space to explore ‘me’ and what makes me tick. Even on the phone she could pull out the changes in my voice depending on the subject and encouraged me to explore the motivation behind these changes. Henrietta and I shared many personal characteristics which helped in the initial building of trust and understanding, which was particularly valuable as I was not convinced of the value this initiative in the beginning. She moved at a pace that was good for me and encouraged me to explore balance in my life, which was something that I hadn’t considered before ( you just get on with things, right?). Since the coaching, I’m more aware of the value of balance and try to consider it in decision making. The whole process has encouraged me to be more mindful and although I haven’t made any radical changes as a result of the process, I do feel that I have more control of my life than before”.  ( A.S., Head of Operations, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)