Write Your Life

There are times when writing can save a life. Your life.

I sat in front of my desk on a warm April morning in an Andalusian town glaring at an empty page on my computer. I had no more excuses, the book I have been thinking of writing had to be done. I moved my family and my life from cozy life to chaos and the book was one of the excuses. Now or Never, I thought.

I published just over a year after that and my love for writing never stopped. Writing is not only a passion for me, it is the most transformative practices I have for personal development and now I would like to share it with you.

I have been using writing for over two decades as I believe it is the most powerful tool to get to know yourself and where you stand in the world. I have tons of tools to address emotional needs. I have trained in neuroscience to use the maximum potential of the brain and I am a courageous, no-nonsense kind of woman. I do not waste time, I do not like small talks and I refuse to live in the dark.

Words are powerful but they can only be powerful when they come from us. Writing gives you a voice you cannot speak. Writing transforms you in your core, stirs you from within and launches you into the world transformed, fresh and real.

I have designed a programme for those who are interested in growing using their writing skills for in-depth personal transformation.

What is this programme about? 

The Five Pillars of Transformative Writing- Write Your Life with power and integrity

What does it offer? 

The programme will take you through 5 steps of personal development while you sharpen your skills to write, express and process your challenges and successes. 

How does this programme work? 

You will receive material and writing assignments as well as coaching sessions from me as you work through the 5 pillars of transformation.

1. Honesty You can only create credible lives with incredible honesty. Learning about yourself is more powerful when you put it down on paper. Once you have seen it black and white, it cannot be unseen.

2. Detail– Transformation is in the detailing. Calling your emotions what they are is the first step to begin to transform what has been holding you back for years, if not decades.

3. Depth– There are not many practices that take you into your depth as much as writing does. You go deep, your life goes high, this is just one of the wondrous effects of writing.

4. Horizon– Seeing a wide, brave, encouraging horizon is not always easy. We get bogged down by niggly little thoughts and mental habits that disable our ability to think clearly, write precisely and move froward into our life in a powerful stride. Writing teaches you how to see your whole life and move into it bravely. It makes your eyes sharp for your furthest dreams, dares and destination you want to arrive. The horizon is your limit!

5. Connection– There is magic on paper when your heart is connected to your writing. Connecting letters teaches you to connect to your heart, to others and to the world so you can become part of the web of connections that shake and rock stagnation. Your story matters, your life matters. Whatever role you have- be it a mother, a CEO or an entrepreneur- it matters how you perform that role.

What do I get? 

5 coaching sessions from me (1 hour each)

Writing tools and exercises to explore the five pillars in details

Evaluation of your writing and pointers to coaching areas we will work through together

Support in- between sessions

You are not joining a writing group but will be coached individually

What else do I need to know? 

You do not need to be a writer- just have passion to change your life in some ways

You do not have to be an artist or a professional writer. I will show you powerful techniques and tools that will liberate your mind so you can move forward with fresh, rejuvenated energy

This programme is only available for those who are  able to commit to a 10 -week period. Your sessions will take place fortnightly and you will have assignments in between sessions.

All sessions take place online, so you can join me wherever you are.

Your investment? 

INDIVIDUAL Sessions : £895 (payment in instalments is possible)

GROUP Session (of max 4 in a group): £325

To book a quick consultation with me please email me at henna7@btinternet.com or call me on 0787 255 3256

I really look forward to hearing from you!

My warmest wishes,