Conversations With Your Soul

This time has been coming for a while. You feel deep down that you do not need any more training. You do not need to reach outwards and up, you have been doing that long enough and it is tiring. You also feel that somewhere, deep within you, your Soul knows what you want, need and crave but you have ignored its voice for quite some time.

Life has changed for all of us in the last few months and if there is one big leap of knowledge I have become convinced about is this: Our Soul is our most essential asset and this is the time to give it a voice.

I have always been a Soul Seeker. From a young age I was drawn and fascinated with the world beyond the obvious, always seeking spiritual places where the soul has its central place.

The world I grew up in, however, was ridden by facts, numbers, data. Knowledge and information is only data until they run through us, like a brook in the mountains washing away the small pebbles of resistance. I kept ignoring my soul because the world has trained me to.

Then, about 20 years ago I gave in to my soul and have not looked back since. I followed intuition, my inkling or gut feeling, whichever you name it is fine for me. My life transformed from the inside out and I have learnt that if we have one powerful tool, it is our generous, gentle, powerful, intuitive SOUL.

I have tons of tools to address emotional needs. I have trained in neuroscience to use the maximum potential of the brain and I have learnt that the brain is the vizier, It is the heart and the soul of a person that rules. This knowledge helped me to become who I am today. I am a courageous, no-nonsense kind of woman. I do not waste time, I do not like small talks, and I refuse to live in the dark.

The SOUL is powerful, but it can only be so when we nurture it and allow it to shine. We need to have regular conversations with it so we become friends with it. Living from your SOUL transforms your experience of life and it launches you into the world alive, energized and truthful to who you are.

I have designed a programme for those who are interested in growing using their SOUL for in-depth personal transformation.

What is this programme about? 

Conversations with Your Soul

What does it offer? 

The programme will take you through 5 steps of personal development as you get up, close and personal with your SOUL.

How does this programme work? 

Each week you will be guided through a soul transformative journey using the following powerful principles of the Soul:

  1. The Power of Simplicity–One of the most powerful characteristics of the soul is that it operates on simplicity. We just ignore it most of the time because we think our brain must go through rigorous steps to arrive at the conclusion the Soul knows much earlier. Simplicity is a superpower of the Soul and you will learn how to tap into that mightily so you can lead from its liberating essence.
  2. The Power of Meaning – Transformation happens when we understand our Soul’s messages to us. That quite voice that knows. The quiet whisper which prompts you and it always prompts for a reason. Meaningful lives can only be created through meaningful action and your soul is your guide on that path.
  3. The Power of Generosity– Life expands according to your awareness. When you go deep, you rise and you uplift others along the way. This is what the Soul can do- lift you from the shackles of your thoughts and help you rise in your consciousness.
  4. The Power of Connection– How many days have we gone through life on autopilot, not remembering what we did yesterday? Yes, that feeling of emptiness as days, weeks, month and year go by without us truly understanding who we really are in the process of Life.
  5. The Power of Interconnectedness– There is a spot for every one of us in this world. There is magic in life when your soul is seeking that spot. Connecting your soul to your daily activities, your family and how you lead, whatever role you have, be it a mother, a CEO or an entrepreneur, is the essence of life. You matter. Your life matters. Your Soul is what connects you to the outside world so you find that spot in the world where you truly belong.

What do I get? 

5 coaching sessions from me (60 min each)

Tools and exercises to explore each principle in details

Soul Searching Prompts

Support in- between sessions

What else do I need to know? 

You do not need any previous experience, just your commitment to lead a life from your soul for the rest of your life.

This programme is available for those who are able to commit to a 10 -week period. Your sessions will take place fortnightly and you will have assignments in between sessions.

All sessions take place online, so you can join me wherever you are.

Payment Options

Covid-19 crisis has taken a toll on many of us, so I have created three payment options for you

Option 1. £475 (payment in installments is possible)- If you can afford it, you can pay the full fee AND I WILL OFFER A FREE PLACE TO SOMEONE WHO CANNOT AFFORD IT. This way you grow while you support someone else’s growth, too. A wonderful way to extend your soul

Option 2. £300. This payment can be made in two instalments and I am offering it to those who are able to pay but not the full fee.

Option 3. If you cannot afford any of the above, you can still join me. I will set up a group of 3-4 participants and you will go through exactly the same programme but in a group. The fee for this option is £150 for the package.

To book your place, please email me at stating which option you would like to go for or you can call me on 0787 255 3256 for further information.

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I am really excited working with you and look forward to hearing from you!

My warmest,