Henrietta, the Writer

It was not until 2015 that I started calling myself a writer. Even though I have been writing all my life, until I published my first book I did not quite believe that I was a real writer. I learnt on the job that writers are made, not born.

Writing is the most effective, most productive tool I know for personal and professional growth. The way you write a book is the way you write your life- chapter by chapter, you do your research, you graft sentences, paragraphs and entire chapters form by the end of your work. Bit by bit, you create a page, like you create a life.

I write because I love the process. I write because it opens my heart and it opens my world so I walk in it with courage and fierceness.

My most passionate subject is Andalus. I am working on my historic novel about Andalus, a part of the world I had the privilege to live for 2 years. Here you will find articles about the history of Andalus :

Al Andalus Series

I love travel as much as I love coffee so here you can read some of my travel reflections:

Travel Writings

My soul is always on a journey and here you can see some of my inner journeys:


And if you are up for some coaching with me about your own journey to create a life you truly want, here you can find out more about the way I work:

Henrietta, the Coach