Who I am and what I do

I am courageous, honest, straight with my words, gentle, extremely playful, creative and innovative. I am a left-brain woman who loves hanging out in the left hemisphere of her brain – yes, I love logic, intellectual rigour and neuroscience; yes, I enjoy driving fast (especially on country lanes), I am rational and a fairly decent problem solver. I enjoy a challenge; I long for stability and at times I value action above words. I truly love coaching because my left brain helps me to be comfortable with structure, focus and analysis.

I guess this makes me passionate, result driven, logical and heady.

I am also driven by my heart just the same and I hang out in my right brain, too. I do weep when a film or a conversation moves me. I feel and love very deeply. I cherish friendships and enjoy meaningful relationships. I am thrilled when I am inventing new ways of running businesses and create multiple solutions. I love most things feminine – Sunday roast, family, intimacy and I get weak in the knee when my heart is touched. My right brain helps me be creative, and explore connection and purpose.

I guess this makes me soft, gentle, compassionate, intuitive and hearty.

In short, I am Henrietta Szovati. Life Strategist and Leadership Coach. Country Girl. Full-time curious,  writer. Former corporate climber, vegetarian, perfectionist and language teacher. Crazy in love with life, travelling and driving fast on country lanes. Mom of two. A morning person. Wears her heart on her sleeve. Voice of logic and reason.

… and here is what led me where I am today:

I started my career in the corporate world and I left after realizing that my heart was at stake. I worked for the European Union, The Intentional Department of Home Office in Hungary and I was part of numerous international projects worldwide.

I am in love with neuroscience, adult learning models and personal development.

I believe that courage without visibility is nothing; visibility without courage is just noise. I love working with people who are confident, know what they want and open to try fun, deep and meaningful stuff for their personal and professional development.

My coaching practice serves  corporate individuals, social and creative entrepreneurs and people with highly inquisitive mind.

For more information on what motivates me you check out my Story Book here:

Henrietta Szovati