Life in High Resolution

This programme is designed for people who are tired of playing small, feeling insignificant and want to see, feel and experience more of their power be it at work, or the way they live, lead and connect to others.

The programme is about challenging your thinking and identify the small voices, the muted tones in your mind that make you small and hold you back from daring LIFE!

What will you get?

In 5 sessions we will dig into your mind and excavate the thoughts that tell you “You cannot do THAT” or “WHO do you think you are?” or “What were YOU thinking??”.  These sessions are designed to give you the courage to say the things you have never spoke of, feel the feelings you have never visited or clear the clutters that are dragging your life, be it a dysfunctional relationship, a difficult conversation or a toxic friendship.

How does it work? 

Each session (an hour each) is an honest slash on your habitual thinking and you will emerge with fresh, vibrant thoughts about who you are, not who you have been for the last decades of your life.

Throughout the 5 sessions we will work on your 3 most powerful words that will be your compass for 2020. They will act as your blueprint of your being and will guide your plans, ideas and decision you will be making. After each session you will be given assignments to practice and try out your new thinking skills for real!

After the 3rd session you will be given a daring challenge, putting all your learnings into practice. In between sessions you will be given the chance to reflect, recommendations to read or listen to powerful material that will make it all complete.

After your last session you will be given another daring challenge that will make you step out of your comfort zone and inhabit a new, fresh and powerful place where you are called to operate from. That is your GROWTH Zone that will stretch you into new possibilities.

In essence, this programme is your tailor-made, ultimate Personal Leadership programme to give you a boost to create your 2020. The result? A vibrant, pulsating, authentic year where you make it before you break it.

5 sessions, 4 fabulous assignments, 3 words that will be your compass, 2 daring challenges, 1 amazing year!

Pricing: The package costs £495 (inclusive of email support in between sessions and tailor-made voice notes my clients call their personal podcasts). For payment options please enquire below.

Do not let another year slip, live your life in High Resolution in 2020!

You can book your free consultation or ask any questions you might have about this programme here: