Al Andalus Series

Andalus is a fascinating place and time in history that encapsulates all we need to know about life, politics and human nature. Here is a list of articles that will show you  the unreported history of this wondrous land:

Here you can read a little more about the beginings of Andalus and how it relates to our modern times:

The beginning of Al Andalus

What Andalus can teach 21st century UK?

Here you will find some fascinating characters:

Ghazal, the most handsome diplomat

Ibn Firnas, the first up in the sky

The King of Style in Andalus

Ibn al Khatib, the Black Death and Granada

Would you like to know more about society and how it worked? See here:

Music in Al-Andalus

Women, Harem, Realities

Medieval culinary Journey to Andalus

Convivencia- life on the street

How about architecture?

Let’s start with the most famous building, the Alhambra Palace:

The Alhambra Palace

The Geometric and Artistic Beauty of the Alhambra Palace

The real story of the Mezquita of Cordoba

The real story of the Mezquita of Cordoba

Madinat Al Zahra

Madinat Al Zahra